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Who am I?

I am a software engineer with four three years of experience developing web applications.
Active member of the latinx community advocating for diversity in the technology field, by working with college and high school students to improve k-12 to college pipeline.
Passionate leader with over five years of experience managing teams and organizations, as well as holding the ability to communicate with key corporate executives.

Work Experience

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Software Engineer
Collaborated with Mechanical, Electrical, and Embedded Software Engineer team leads to develop a two-way telemetry system collecting data points from CSUN’s first Formula One style electric vehicle.
Built a NodeJS web service handling over 30 data points per second from the vehicle's Data Acquisition System via web sockets and a time series Postgres database.
Architected Docker web server supporting Grafana, Node JS, and Postgres while considering server load and latency allowing our system to deliver data within 500 ms of being sent from 4G connected vehicle.
Created 3D & 2D data visualizations utilizing Grafana to offer engineering teams important data regarding their subset of equipment on vehicle.
Designed user interface for onboard driver display delivering key vehicle status information to driver connecting directly to embedded hardware.
Developed a companion mobile application to remotely control the vehicle position externally, and diagnose CANBUS devices.
Software Engineer Intern
Built scripts to optimize the deployment of multiple applications through a universal pipeline, increasing ease of new project development and deployment utilizing Docker containers and Jenkins.
Restructured service tool utilized by the entire engineering support team, maximizing ease of use of common tools to predict and solve energy and vehicle product issues, written in Python and React.
Launched an asynchronous python package that generates an API utilizing SQLAlchemy database models, allowing team to create microservices easily.
Participated in the development of internal systems using object-oriented design and agile processes, scoping work for future team projects.
Back-end Web Developer / Scrum Master
Led team scrum ceremonies and communicated with a project manager and product owner ensuring a deliverable sprint scope and expected product release.
Developed four applications using a PHP Framework to handle user authentication, storage of faculty class data and project details, and delivery of dynamic data to front-end developers.
Created database schemas using MySQL in order to organize data from multiple applications and built model logic using Object-relational mapping.
Integrated 3rd party services including IBM Watson, and full-text search engines to make usage of natural language understanding to better organize user inputted data and improve search speed and accuracy.
Developed and updated documentation to strengthen quality and functionality of public-facing APIs.
Software Engineer Intern
Implemented lean methodology experiments to improve visuals and functionality of the check-out shopping experience in order to minimize cart abandonment.
Contributed functional code to projects using Java Spring, Node.js, and Backbone.js.
Interacted with VPs, directors, and technology managers consulting on our intern summer project, helping iterate our application.
Led a team of 4 software engineering interns to create a proposed software architecture and deliver a functional minimum viable product web API and mobile iOS application.
✨Done: 4 work positions.

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